The Elongrab team and advisors comprise of highly educated & skilled individuals with solid experience in the Shipping Industry and the IT sector. Team members’ job positions and range from small privately-owned company managers to senior management and shareholders of big multinationals with structural influence in the shipping and transport industry in the far east region. The team members and advisors are strategically spread out in Europe, Asia and South America providing substantial geographical coverage.

The ELONGRAB Objectives:
Establishment of a free global trade & transport marketplace with wide user base. Gradual implementation of trade & transport smart contract documents exchange and escrow payments. The platform wide user base will allow gradual implementation of smart contract Utilities – i.e. smart Bill of Lading, Letter of Credit (escrow payments) and decentralized crypto payments. The Elongrab smart contract Utilities objectives are elimination of fraud, lowering cost, and minimizing delays in the shipping industry. The user interaction on the marketplace platform in combination with the smart utilities implementation will generate demand for Elongrab. In this way value is added to the ICO supporters which is the ultimate objective.
Smart contract address: 0x13ea1bea2161f3799417aeebbe8d4443f13b847a
Network: BSC BEP-20

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